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Thank you for looking at the South Coast Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue website.

We are a small dedicated voluntary team, run by dedicated Staffie owners and lovers. We also have many home checkers and assessors who always work voluntarily.

We are based in Sussex and use boarding kennels about 15 miles outside of Brighton. We cover the whole of the south coast including Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Dorset, Devon and sometimes further afield. We only take on pure staffies (try to anyway however this doesnt always happen!) and reserve the right to refuse any dogs, but will always try to advise of other organisations who may be able to help.

We are not associated with any other rescue and have a non-destruct policy.


We get dogs in from all sorts of backgrounds whether they are strays or come in as a result of cruelty cases or relationship breakdowns etc. Many of these dogs either need emergency vet treatment, socialisation or training. This can either be due to neglect or simply because people haven't bothered!

All dogs we take in, go into kennels in the first instance. We then assess all of our dogs and temperament test. Where possible, we then place the dogs into foster care to enable us to see how the dogs react in a home environment. If we know all the dogs' characters and traits prior to rehoming, it helps us to place the right dogs into the right homes, based on children, work commitments and other pets etc. This is to make sure they have the best future possible and less chance of being returned.

Once a dog has been signed over to the rescue, he/she remains our 'property' for the rest of his/her life. We simply adopt them to new homes but they still remain ours. We do not buy or sell dogs. There is an adoption form that needs to be completed upon rehoming and rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. If you would like a copy of the adoption rules, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We will always home check and vet check (where possible) each potential new home. We offer life time support and will give advice to the best of our knowledge.

We ask for a £150 rehoming fee for our dogs. We charge this amount due to the fact that:

We get all our dogs are neutered prior to rehoming (excluding puppies). This costs us £110 (males) and £130 (bitches)

We provide each dog with flea treatment & wormer which costs £10

Vaccinations cost £50

Each dog costs £59 per week in kennels.

All dogs are also microchipped which costs us £15 (chip details will always stay in the rescue's name.)

Based on these figures, if we have a male dog in kennels for 4 weeks, after being neutered, wormed, de-flea'd and vaccinated, he will have cost us £421!

We rely totally on donations so please dont question the fees.

We are just a group of dog lovers who work, have families and our own dogs too and are trying our best to help solve the ongoing and growing problem, so please respect this. We cant work miracles - but we do try!




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